Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Hi! I found this nifty wire gauge calculator on the website wire-to-jewelry.com and added it to my blog. It'll be useful I think, hope someone can use it too! I like to check out books from the library and some of the wire jewelry books list the wire size in mm, and I have no clue what gauge the book is describing.
Going to spend tomorrow getting organized. My jewelry "bench" is a train-wreck. Honestly, there's almost no open space at all. But I bought this really cool plastic storage thing, with three, 12" x 12" sized drawers that pull out. So, I'm going to add all (most) of my beads in there. They will lay flat and spread out, and it'll be cool. Guess I'll separate them glass and crystal in one, gemstone in another, and shell, wood, bone, in the other. Metal beads? Hmm.. plastic shoe box I guess.
I know there's a new Step by Step Wire magazine out, at least that's what I thought I remembered hearing. Can't wait to check it out!

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