Thursday, June 17, 2010

pendant idea

I came up with a pendant today.  It's an idea I have to make several and give to women in an outreach that I'm going to be involved in.  I wanted to have something that says trust God on it.  It's a comforting reminder, to put our trust in the Creator, who is greater than us and able to handle our situations when we seek Him.  The actual color looks more like the top row of pictures, those not yet wired and strung.  I guess that basket idea over exposed the color.  So much to learn with photography...  I like these though, they have a real rustic and nature look and feel to them.


  1. Thank you Lisa, I will get a better pic of that necklace. It was my first time doing close ups and trying out a new camera. I took serveral pictures that day of all different peices but for some reason that one just didnt want to work for me ha ha! I get alot of great advice from Rena I just lover her! You make beautiful jewelry! Have a great day!

  2. Hi Susie, thanks! I get one of Rena Klingenberg's newsletters, and it does have a lot of really great information. Happy Beading.