Monday, August 23, 2010

Buttons In Progress

Well, I wore my button necklace that I made a while back and  I got like four or five comments on it while I was running errands this morning. People really seem to like that necklace.  So I've decided to try making some more.  I learned how to make the button chain and clasp from this youtube video by Lorelei and here is her blog:  Lorelei's Blog Inside the Studio, check her out.  She makes the most terrific jewelry!!    I wanted to try my next one in 20ga copper wire, but I do not have it!?!  Why?  I have 14ga, 16 ga, 18ga, 22, 24 and i think even 28ga.  So I am using 18ga! for this baby.  And it's not really bad at all, I kind of like it.  I skipped using the jump-links and I am just alternating the loop direction so they'll lay flat (hopefully), and I am not using my best pliers as this stuff is a bit tough and I don't want to take the chance of getting dents or damage to my  pliers.

I do so love buttons.  They are fun, cute, colorful; they add whimsy and charm.  I even have a few to use that I found at an awesome antique shop while on vacation in NY.  So I will probably keep one necklace for myself, and try and sell the others.

 I am getting more and more into mixed media.  I love it!  I made my first collage a couple of days ago.  I really liked how it turned out.  I can't wait to try that again.  I bought a frame from the thrift store that I put it in, so it is behind glass.  Hence a bit of reflection from my shower curtain in the picture.  The collage itself may not look all that wonderful to others, but I really love it.  I recommend making one, it's very satisfying because it can be so deeply personal, and it's very fun!   :)
Goodbye for now...

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