Friday, November 12, 2010

New Polymer Beads

Hello!  I've made some new polymer beads.  I was just experimenting with some different ideas.  One involved using some old watercolor paint tubes that I had.  It has been a while since I've been doing creative stuff.  It was good to get back at it again.  Soon I'll be able to move my work area into a nice and quiet spot in the house.  I'm hoping to spend a lot of time making things there.  Seriously.
So for now here are a few pictures of some beads I made yesterday.  Plus a fun thing I found at the beach inside a big shell I found at the beach.  Love the beach.
you can clearly see the layers of paint inside the translucent it!

holographic embossing powder inside!

gold glitter inside these...sweet

i love the gold metallic polymer clay, it buffs up so glossy

isn't that thing neat?  i don't know what it is but i like it

The only plans I have so far, are to make earrings with the gold connector beads.  I made silver beads similar to the gold ones that I'll use for earrings too.  Tomorrow I will work on making some new beads for a new lanyard for myself.  That will give me something fun to do on Saturday.  Enjoy your weekend!

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