Monday, May 23, 2011

Vintage Buttons

I've been trying to stay focused on creating and listing things for etsy, but I get so distracted with being on the internet.  I love the computer and could web surf all day long.  I've realized it's become an issue that I need to discipline myself about.  I often think of things I want to look up on the internet, have questions?  answers to follow in seconds!  That is why I love the internet so much!  I am a researcher type of person.  I love information.  I've always been that way.  So, I am going to work hard to sort out my time allotments and stick with it!!!

I went out of town weekend before last on a ladies retreat with some of the women from my church, it was a nice time.  We hit a couple of thrift stores on our off time and I found some neat stuff at great prices.  I bought a bunch of buttons.  There was an old glass prescription jar with a cute lid that held many little buttons.  You see in the pic it looks like the date on the sticker of the jar said 1966, hand written!...takes you back in time huh.  wow.  The large shell button is 1 1/2", it's so pretty.  So many pretty buttons there.  I also found this old needle point clock, it's charming I think. That's my sewing machine covered up, next to it.

And there's my sweet dog Max.  It's nice to have his company, but he leaves me rather constrained to my chair, to not freely move about!  Life is a give and take, eh?

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