Sunday, July 1, 2012

Puttin' On the Shine!

I bought some Renaissance wax polish today at my local Woodcraft store.  WOW!  Can I say that again?  WOW.  Wow-wee.  Amazing is the word to describe what it does to polymer clay beads.  I love it.  Just apply a little bit, then polish it with a soft cloth to give a nice shine.  I like to use acrylic paint on my polymer clay, and although I heat set it, I'm happy to have this wax polish to help protect the surface.  This stuff is way cool, and worth the price, which is expensive.  I bought a 200ml jar on sale for $24.95, originally $29.95.  But, this will last a very very long time.  It says on the container, used to revive and protect valuable furniture, leather, paintings, metals, marble, ivory, etc.  Freshens colors, imparts soft sheen.  It's used by restoration specialists in museums. I am just so impressed! I first learned about this product from the positive comments of other polymer clay artists.
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