Monday, May 18, 2009

polymer clay

I've been playing around with the polymer clay again. I have a few new photos to post. Still working on learning techniques and trying to create interesting looks. Sometimes I don't start with the "right" colors, but just keep going anyway... I'm not going to do that next time. I think. Okay.
I love the possibilities of this medium tho. It's awesome. Wish I had endless hours to play with polymer clay.
Here are the pics. I love buttons too, I bought some really cute Christmas buttons on sale at JoAnn's recently.
The pic on the bottom left shows two buttons on the ends and a polymer bead I made in the middle. The pic on the bottom right shows some little beads I am glazing, it's so much easier this way to brush a glaze on them. If the beads are rather big, I like to sand with several different grades of wet/dry sandpaper and then buff with a soft cloth.
The cane is a fun technique to use but I'm finding that some of the colors don't stand out enough, if the colors are close, they seem to blend together. Still working on that.

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