Wednesday, February 10, 2010

various things

I put bread out for the birds yesterday, then it rained and rained and rained.  I haven't fed the birds in a long while, I do love them though, and love to feed them.  Just been lazy about it.  I thought why toss out old stale bread, maybe the birds will find it before the raccoons get to it.  So this morning I see a blue jay grabbing at some pieces and flying off with them.  Yea!  I love it!!  Here are a couple of pics.

Last night I attempted a crayon craft to use with Valentine's Day cards for my sons classmates.  What a chore that was.  The paper takes forever to come off the crayon, and they all were stuck in my pan after they melted and hardened.  I banged the pan on the rug, over and over and over...finally the last one was out and my pan didn't break. Miracle.   It is warped however.  If I ever do this project again it would only ever be with one of those silicon pans.  I did use cooking spray, but it just didn't help, maybe I didn't use enough.  But the crayon disks are out and they look awesome!  The top actually looks so-so but the bottom, neato!

Night before last, I sewed a knee patch on a pair jeans, then I used some of the leftover denim to sew this little puffy heart.  I love hearts, and I love buttons, and I love Valentine's Day!!  Happy Valentine's Day to you!  Not sure what I will do with it, it could be a pendant, or a pin, or something else.  Lately I am really itching for stitching.  I don't know what it is.  I just want to sew things and stitch things.  I love mixed media arts, and fabrics, and many things like that.  The lighter pink button laying next to the heart is a button that I made using polymer clay. 

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