Saturday, February 13, 2010

happy valentine's day

I fiddled with this design forever, and then a made the chain too short, it is suppose to wrap around the back, so i added more on the opposite side, but it isn't how i want it to be, so i will have to rework this one.  it really needs reworking but thought i'd post a pic of something i'd been doing.  i'm trying to keep busy and diligent in my crafty creations, not to mention blog posts.
went to a ladies tea this morning that was a blessing.  then spent a few minutes at the beach afterward.  i've been just crazy to get to the beach, been so long...but it's been so cold here lately.  guess it's been really cold nearly all over the country.  here is a pic from this morning at the beach..  i adjusted the lighting for visual effect.  i happen to like doing that with pictures, but not with jewelry shots.

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