Thursday, April 8, 2010

Organic theme

I still struggle with time to work on jewelry and bead making.  Maybe it has more to do with having a six year old rambunctious boy than having time off from work.  I have been off for a week and did make a small batch of beads.  It was fun.  I am thinking of sticking to a similar theme and working on that, since I get easily distracted and I'm off to the next thing before I'm satisfied with my work.  So these beads I made by impressing with things in the yard, like, leaves, flowers, ect.  Some of the beads even have pieces of leave in them for an interesting look.  An organic look.  That is what I'm going for.  I'm not a big organic freak or anything, but I like natural, and nature, and stuff like that.  So here are the pics I took just now.  I will try to incorporate them into some jewelry soon.
in the top pic, the top left piece image was made from a rubber stamp, i did that one a while ago, and just painted it last night with the rest of these.  the fern one actually looks like marble to me, can't tell so much by the pic.  

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  1. These are really lovely. Isn't there something wonderfully simple and beautiful about the texture of leaves and flowers? You have captured the essence of nature!