Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring

Spring begins today!  Hooray!  New beginnings.  Fresh starts.  Growing and taking chances.  These are some of the things Spring reminds me of.  Go for it! 

I made a few text beads a couple of weeks ago.  I was inspired by an email of a tutorial on text beads.  Here are a couple of pictures.  One pendant has the text in reverse because I didn't realize this would happen, oops.  I  put some of the beads together in a necklace one morning to show a friend at church.  There is one bead that has the paper around the text cut too narrow, so it's a bit too different I think. 


  1. I love your text beads! I don't think the one with the narrow words is 'too different'. Why should everything be the same? People aren't. It is more interesting to have a bead that is a little different than the others. Looks like you meant to do that!

  2. Thanks Cindy. :) I agree with you on different being interesting. There is a certain freedom in acceptance! :) I tend to over-think balance.