Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New beads

 I made these last night and painted them today.  I heat set the paint and that is why in one picture the beads are still on a mound of polyfiber filling.  I bake my polymer clay beads on a ceramic tile with a layer of parchment paper on it (helps for transport if needed) and then a small bunch of polyfiber stuff.   I tent the beads with a folded up piece of aluminum foil.  Works great.  I fussed with the bird one, but I think it turned out cute.  My original idea was more of a relief of a simple bird figure and paint that, or somehow (maybe by using colored clay) have it be this awesome sea glass aqua blue color.  Then the background some kind of white.  Similar to an artist I posted on earlier.  I was so surprised to see my idea, or something so close to it, already created!  Guess that's how it goes in the realm of creation. 

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