Wednesday, December 8, 2010

etsy treasuries

I've created a couple of treasuries over at etsy.  I do that every now and then because I find it to be rather fun and inspirational.  It is also a learning experience because I learn more about my style and preferences.  What is weird to me is that of the 11 treasuries I've made, the three pictures listed for each treasury look as if they could all belong to one big treasury.  So I really took a long look at it to figure out what gives?  haha.  My findings:  Maybe I am a very boring person and everything that I really like in art is of nearly one category.  I don't know!  BUT, I know that I like subtlety (I love it actually), I like delicate work, not necessarily intricate, but delicate, and I do appreciate a bit of whimsy.  Also, the colors I most often selected (nearly all of them seem to be) lavenders, violets, cool greys, some warm greys, shades of white, shades of black, and sky blues.  So, I think it's safe to assume that these are my favorite colors, or what I am really drawn too.  I think I'll play around with those for a while and see what happens.

Here are my treasury links:

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