Thursday, March 10, 2011

Magnet Mania

It has been quite sometime since I have done anything with polymer clay.  Yesterday I started and today I finished four new magnets.  On one I used ground up chalk as the last layer of color, and then remembered how it basically disappears once the clear glaze is applied.  I wonder how I could prevent that.  These pieces were made using Ecru colored clay and after baked, they were colored with alcohol inks and acrylic paints.  Some have pearl x on them, I love that stuff.  I only have the gold and silver, but definitely would like other colors.  I used leaves from my rose bush and a fern plant too.  In the top left picture for the round designs I used the end of a large feather (sea gull?) that I had found at the beach.  It made the cutest little circles, then with my ball stylus tool I made an indentation in the middle of each circle.  I was going for the cracked, worn, weathered look.  So that is intentional.  I looks pretty cool I think on the one that says Grace, however the cracks are mostly on the sides and I didn't capture that in the photo here.  I also cut up tiny pieces of a rose petal and added that to the clay for the 'Love' magnet.  For the one that says 'Grow' I added tiny cut up pieces of the fern leaves.
Have a blessed day!

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