Saturday, October 1, 2011

Good Day Eh...

Well, well, well.  It is October!!!  And my last post was... May ???  Okay.  Some things have changed lately.  Number one, I got a smart phone!!!!!!  Woohoo.  Love it.  So, I am like taking photos and uploading, and videos and uploading, and it's fun.  I like it.  So, I want to get more regular with the whole blogging thing. 

Here is a picture of my sweet big dog.  He's a rescue, he's a good boy, but he is a bit of a pest when it comes to wanting to be pet.  I mean, it's like I can't stop petting him, he hounds me (hehe).  You give him a little bit of love and he doesn't want it to stop.  Also, he is a bit of a stalker...following me everywhere I go.  He'll follow me into a room, lay down, as soon as I leave he'll get up and follow me, lay down, two seconds later I'm moving on, he'll get up and follow me.  I guess a lot of dogs are that way..  sweet, sometimes annoying, not so much tho. 

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