Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Hello.  Yes, it's been a while...  :) Look at my color palette below!  I gave it the title Prettiness.

Marsha Neal is doing something fun,  the Marsha Neal Studio Silk Color Palette Challenge 2012 Round 2. Choose 10 of your favorite silk colors from her Flikr page.  It seemed like such a cool idea  I wanted to join.  It's an event that's open to the public.  She is also having some giveaways!


  1. Lisa - This is such a beautiful and soothing palette you've picked out! Thank you so much for jumping in on the fun of Round 2. Good luck with the voting next week :)

  2. Hi Marsha! Thank you. I love mixing colors, it's fun. I tend to favor subtle colors, so that is what I went with. :)