Monday, July 23, 2012

Marble Tile

I purchased a marble tile today.  It was only $2.04! 12x12 I can't wait to try it with my polymer clay.  I am hoping the dark color works out okay, I didn't think about that when I made my selection.  Just went for the cheapest one.  I may have to return for a lighter color some day.  But, it should work out better than what I was using, parchment paper taped to a vinyl placemat.  That worked pretty good, but I'm tired of having to replace the paper every time it gets "dirty" from certain colors rubbing off on it.  Plus the marble is suppose to help keep the clay cooler.  It looks like it will be more convenient to use.  The marble tiles at the store were so gorgeous!  I love how polished the surfaces are and the interesting look of these rocks!

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