Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bead Rack Hack

I finally have a bead rack.  I built my own!  I put it together with some wire that I had previously bought from the floral department at a craft store, and a tin/aluminum? pan at the grocery store.  I cut notches in the top of the pan, to rest the wire on.  The package of the stiff floral wire was in long lengths of about 19". I cut four, six inch pieces.  The wire is 18ga so it should work nicely.  I think this bead rack will surpass my previous method of baking beads on a mound of poly-fill.  That was a little tricky finding space and balancing pieces. Plus, after baking beads, pulling the pieces of poly-fill off the clay was tedious.  And the last beads I made had indentations left in them from the poly-fill, :(. I do like the bead racks in they sell in the stores specifically made for baking polymer clay beads, but in an effort to conserve cash, I made my own.  :)


  1. Lisa, that is good thinking! The Polymer Clay Tutor has a very cool free video about a bead tray "helper":

  2. Thanks! I will check that out. I had to cut the bottom off to make mine fit in the craft oven better! :)

  3. Monique! I watched the video, I can't believe she uploaded that just three days ago! How timely.. :) The Sugru looks great. I was thinking that I might make pc balls to glue on the ends of my wire "pins", but looks like Sugru would be a better solution.
    I thought I was being original with the use of the word, "hack" about the bead rack...hahaha.
    thanks for sharing that info with me. :)

  4. I love serendipity, Lisa. I believe really good ideas tend to leak into our collective consciousness LOL.